Personal Narrative: Why I Love Of Hunting

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The reason i love to hunt is because it so peaceful. There's no one out there to yell at u or complain. You can take some weight off of your body and mind just setting in the woods hearing birds talking to each other there ain't nothing like it. Hunting is like my exercise and i would walk as far as i have to to climb a tree. Hunting is the bomb. I Love setting in the woods. The feeling when u shoot a deer is awesome it gets you so pumped up. It's a feeling that you may never feel. Hunting is awesome it ain't all about the killing it's about who you do it with. I love it because that's how i get to spend a lot of my time with my dad and it is awesome. I don't only deer hunt i hunt for everything i hunt for whatever keeps me in the woods.…show more content…
There isn't anything better than hearing a gobble in the early morning. I love to wake up and go sit in the woods real early in the morning and breaking daylight you hear the gobblers start gobbling their heads of there is honestly no better feeling in the world. You'd never think that getting up early would make someone happy but it makes me happy. I also predator hunt and let me tell u what if your scared of the dark it ain't for you. I go out at around 11:00 pm and i won't be in bed till god knows when. We get to the fields set up the call and everything and boom right their eyes could light up anywhere and you'd better get ready to
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