Personal Narrative: Why We Need To Make A Dollar

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Two: Among other things, I would mention that the reasoning behind motivation is why we tend to say we need to make a dollar buy more by stretching it on the basis that we are in fact living from paycheck to pay check and when the money runs out, it is then harder to make a way in order to pay charges and still be capable. I as well, viewed it to be a serious test when it is only you alone and no one else’s opinion and no one is aiding you with paying your monthly bills it is then you require to make the most of each and every dollar. It is at this point people start to realize individuals unquestionably don’t comprehend or understand what others are going through living from check to check and when a person has to sacrifice some things until they have capacity to stand on two feet again to pay for it. I frequently, have found myself thinking about how I am going to pay next month’s bills and when I look on the Brightside I have cash, but still when I don’t have no cash I start to get…show more content…
What many people do when they feel that they are going to war and the odds are stacked against them, they begin to think and believe in the faith of god by starting off with simply asking God for assistance and guidance to overcome these barriers, and afterwards this is done and you have completely satisfied your enter more thoughts and desires to god, it is at this point you find yourself no more not having to stretch that dollar as you then begin to realize that you have the capacity to recognize that your bills are paid and you don’t have the added pressure and/or stress after praying to god. This because god is guiding you every step of the way and you don’t have to carry the heavy burden anymore and you have come to realize that you are finally going to make it, and without any worry you once had. This is potentially hardest of all. In one year’s time observe how to do standup-comedy drama, and before a crowd of individuals as this will reveal to you how to correctly
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