Personal Narrative: Wind Ensemble

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I feel a sharp glare from everyone in the room.
My face heats up and turns red. I hear them whisper.
My hands are sweaty. Yeah, I am the wrong one again.
Everyone else is perfect but me. During the first day of concert band in 9th grade, my band director announced that an oboe player was necessary and inquired if playing the oboe interested anyone. As if possessed by some mystical force, my hand raised up as I volunteered. I still fail to comprehend why I decided to switch from flute to oboe because I knew nothing about oboe besides how it looked. Maybe I simply desired to try something new. Consequently, it was difficult. From finding the right reed to making an “okay” sound, the differences were vast. Although I searched online for hours, no single website answered my questions completely. Even though I practiced for an indefinite amount of time, playing a short line of music still proved to be perplexing. Finding a tutor was a challenge as well. Without numerous oboe tutors in my area, none were able to accommodate my schedule. Above all, the worst part was class. Whenever I attempted playing a note, my classmates called it “ducky cry”.
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Yet the desire and determination to prove to them that I could succeed kept me motivated. I set my goal high, making it into Wind Ensemble, the highest level of all bands in my school. I devised a plan on what to play and practiced until I felt dizzy and my lips swelled.
One year later, I joined the Wind Ensemble. As a turning point, the challenge not only taught me not to regret any decisions that I make and not to be afraid to try new things, but also to set a goal and step-by-step plan in order to achieve success. Accordingly, this motivated me to enroll in AP classes such as AP Biology in my junior year. Furthermore, as a thought-provoking class, I planned ahead and had my ability to receive an A in the
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