Personal Narrative: Wind Inevitability

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The wind inevitability has been blowing me to life's serendipity and catastrophe. I have to accept every challenge. Face it and nail it. My thoughts still drift gleefully on what I had envisaged that which only almost happened. I need to be fearless and tough because, at the end of the day, every choice, decision, and action I make will reflect me as a person. I've striven to fit in the society by changing who I am. Limiting my credibility from the things I can do and really want to do where I can make mistakes or discover my potentials, decisions where I can learn new things and actions where I can explore new experiences. I've deprived myself of wanting what I really want and changing myself in this cruel world is suicidal. I…show more content…
I’m done running, “I’d rather be hated for being true than being loved for who I'm not” As the wind blows by, I decide to be myself, to live with no regrets and to love and accept my flaws inevitably, ignoring their opinions and bushes, I face the ripples of my fear by knotty all the exquisite endowment that people around me offers, I voice out and my opinion and speak the truth, break rules where I learn and appreciate new things, meet new types of camaraderie, being the one who asks a classmate what's the answer to the questions, making a friend laugh at your stupidity, listening to someone when they feel dramatic, laughing at someone else when they fall. This is a once in a lifetime experience I did all that can be done and because I did so. These little pieces make up my lives. Good or bad, long or short, I will always continue to hold every new improvement and opportunity that can make me a better person and strive to do better even though I cannot predict future... I can still bravely heading towards the
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