Personal Narrative: Working At Ana's Art Academy

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Neon balloons and posters lined the porch and lawn, directing my eyes to the chipped cherry red door. Inside, coaches and students quickly conclude the end of their session; students clean up their supplies and gather their belongings, while the coaches prepare the room for the next class. The building layout, the chaotic transition between one class to another, and the two beautifully painted ceiling panels of a jungle and desert right above the fish tank have been embedded in my memory since the freshman year of high school. Initially, I started working at Ana’s Art Academy as a member of the Friday Clean Up crew. But as I take on more responsibility and work hours, sometimes working for more than seven hours per week, I was soon promoted…show more content…
My supervisor, Aaron, an artist in his mid-twenty, was able to converse with the students so casually that I was surprised at and envious of their playful banter. Compared to Aaron’s approachable disposition and expertise, I was immediately discouraged and insecure about my own lack of credentials. Regardless of my desperate endeavors to lighten the mood and introduce myself, Francesca, one of the students, remained silent and avoided eye contact as much as possible. During the first month, she was only able to converse freely and comfortably with her friend and neighbor, Maya, who chattered on endlessly and nosily, usually earning her a firm, but gentle scolding from Aaron. Sitting only a few feet from Maya is Victor, whose hands and head jerked every so often as he worked. New to Victor’s unpredictable movements and Francesca’s unwelcoming stance, I grew increasingly anxious and uncomfortable; even Aaron’s reassuring smile was not enough to ease my qualm. However, it was not until the end of Victor’s final art piece that I realized my mistake. I overlooked Victor’s diligence, and misunderstood Francesca’s silence; my mind was too distracted by our differences to carry out my responsibility as an art instructor. These students displayed their talents, while simultaneously disproving my own unrealized prejudice against them. This experience forced me to confront my flaws and rectify
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