Personal Narrative: Working Through The Toughest Of Times

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Working Through the Toughest of Times It’s pitch black, no one can see anything, when all of a sudden one bright spot light glistens brighter than the sun. There I am standing right under it, it’s my time to shine, and show my team that I am willing to put forth my best effort and bring us all to victory. I am competing in one of the most intense sports there is to play, dance. As a matter of fact, dance is the one thing that takes me out of my real life and puts me into a fantasy. Bailey, Makenna, Nikki, Tatum, Camryn, Mrs. Lora, and I were all walking into the MGM Grand as we see glistening lights blinking on and off, girls in short skirts walking around handing people alcoholic beverages, and the loud sound of coins hitting the slot machines.
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