Personal Narrative: Working With A Family Member

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Eventually I did find a job working with a family member just for the summer of course I did not know what to expect I knew that these people were in all places and that they were similar to an evangelist spreading their word convincing people and in this case businesses to permit them to implement their activities in this context, it was a school that I was working for and I must comment that 99% of businesses just simply love it they love to participate in it Or they feel forced to. So I began that job at the school, I was working with children and teens similar to a summer camp. The first day I was there it happened immediately as soon as I walked in the door ,I heard it the employees who were working there treated it as if it was a surprise…show more content…
Now my family members it was actually two of my family members who were working there had no suspicion what those who were influenced by the force were undertaking remember the way I am being disturbed is not evident to others they have no indication and you likewise would have no suspicion if you were there. So I knew it would be a agonizing camp, I would have to come upon this ideologies activities and I figured any job I worked at would be identical. I know you may be thinking so what just work and ignore, however let me recall to your attention once more regarding the symptoms the symptoms from the force some days were almost unbearable. Many times it feels as if someone is choking your soul, dizziness occurs when people wave their hands in addition many times you are seeing double and triple. Every so often you can scarcely move and the employees and please believe me even the kids are participating in it all day long, so some days I’m envisioning for myself I just hope I can make it through this…show more content…
It is very complex, so bear with me previously I mentioned how they would send me messages first visually by pointing at things, or people or chatting with someone else regarding a particular topic when they are truly speaking with you. Now they did not simply do that to demonstrate to me that they knew what I was undertaking, but they also would do it for the reason that to them, they are teaching you somewhat and every day you’re learning something. For example, it could be little lessons such as how you dress they always endeavor to mimic you or imitate you resembling a mirror basically conveying “this is how you look.” For example, if one of them was dressed say very disordered then the message they are sending to you is “this is the way you look” so they would maybe assume that I would not want to appear that way, change my look and possibly buy new clothes. Just imagine looking in the mirror and thinking that your clothes are not presentable that day so you go and modify it. So these are lessons that those who are associated with the force endeavor to give all day. Another lesson, may be concerning the way you converse, walk, sit, or eat etc. and I must restate that this is being acted out and the force is the instrument that they are using to get these messages across
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