Personal Narrative: Working With Children With Special Needs

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I always loved working with kids, but I always felt a certain way when I got the chance to work with kids who had some sort of special needs. I don’t know what it was I just felt happier when I got the chance to help someone who could not help them self. So when I saw the job posting for a house parent at the New Haven home for kids with special needs I jumped on it. So I’m sitting in this room waiting for the person who is going to show me around this building and all I can smell is the overwhelming smell of bodily fluids. All I can think to myself is what the kids are going through. While I’m sitting in this room I can see this kid out of my eye and he is just sitting there staring at a wall. I readjust myself so I can get a better look on him. And I'm wondering why he is sitting there alone. At that second a lady walked in and walked up to me and said “ Good morning,…show more content…
The tour went on and we got to this one part of the building where there was a metal door at the end of the hall and I could only imagine what that room is used for. We walk down the hallway which is dimly light to a one way window where is look into a dark room. Jackie say, “This is where we put the kids who get out of control and need to be punished. I just stand there in shock and all I replied with was, “why?” She said, “It the only way that we can prevent them from hurting them self and others around them, but I don’t this type of treatment so I only use is when I absolutely have to and only when they are in true danger.” I could tell something about this lady for one she has been her for a long time and she truly loves working with the kids. But why does she still work here if she has to deal with all this cruel
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