Personal Narrative: Working With Ideas

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When we are faced with adversities, we have to make a decision, and that option may not always be the popular choice. An unpopular choice I made occurred during summer school- my teacher assigned a project to be completed the day after. A major challenge whilst working amongst groups is adapting and collaborating with students who possess different characteristics and views. Some people are not action-oriented; they bog down in their inertia- which does not necessarily equate to carelessness or lack of initiative. Contrarily, others are dynamic and brimming with ideas. Their pizzazz fan alive others’ and set ablaze their motivation as well. Two options were presented to me whilst choosing members to work with- students I’m unfamiliar with, or friends from my school, who happen to fall into the category of “lack of initiative”; I took the risk and grouped up with the unfamiliar faces.…show more content…
This mindset led to arguments and discoordination- even criticism amongst ourselves. We soon realized that the point of a group environment is to understand and accept the opinions of each other. After conversing for a mere five minutes, we began cooperating more effectively and completed the project on time. Just like in business, breakthroughs oftentimes take place not at seated tables, but over a cup of coffee- when we “let our guards down”, feeling eased rather than stressed. Many may argue that emotion should not play a role in business, but “desire” itself, is an emotion. I would certainly choose to take this risk again, simply because of the new perspective I have acquired. Thus, we should utilise our humanly instinct of desire to achieve breakthroughs and possibly, revolutionary
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