Personal Narrative: Y In Pueblo

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y in Pueblo, CO. I live in a nice house with all of my familia , i have lots of brothers and sisters my dad has 11 kids in all but im the youngest girl so i live with all guys but it's not that bad. I have 3 dogs which are a pitbull, black lab, and a belgium melewa . Also i love basketball and football me and my brothers always play these sports.Another thing is that i love to cook i can cook lots of stuff like green chili, chicken on white,spaghetti,pincedegio,and pasta salad ,etc. . I love mexican music and rap music. Do you guys like snow well its not very fun in the morning when u have to scrape snow off your windows in the freezing cold .Most winters down here get below freezing and its not fun to go and play outside because youll end
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