Personal Narrative: You Throw Like A Girl

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“You throw like a girl.” “You run like a girl.” “You’re only a girl.” These words are said every day to young women and little girls by not only siblings, but by peers everywhere. They are said with demeaning intentions to make you feel lesser for the gender you are. But I say, what’s wrong with being female? Doesn’t that make you stronger? It was fifth grade when, at lunch one day, a couple of my softball teammates and friends walked onto the grass field at our elementary school to a group of boys in our grade and above, and asked if we could play their game of baseball with them. The boys gave each other looks of amusement and confusion, most likely thinking, “Are these girls serious? Wanting to play ball with us?” And had they said it…show more content…
So the game ended and us girls beat them. They were pouting and mumbling false words about cheating and how they “Took it easy,” on us girls. But really, we all knew that the game was fair in every way, and that being a girl wasn’t in any way a measure of strength and will. Us girls all walked off of the field that day and into our classrooms knowing that because we are girls, we can do anything and everything. These types of experiences only empower us to prove everyone wrong about their stereotype that mental and physical strength is made lesser because of simple anatomy. From that day on, I never let my brother or any male or female ever tell me how being a girl puts me at some disadvantage. And I implore you to do the same. If you are a young woman and have ever been told that because you are a girl you can’t do something as efficiently or do something altogether, dig deep and prove them wrong. Get up into that batter’s box, and hit a grand slam, because you know in your heart and in your head that you are just as good as anyone else on that field. So now, every time someone, of opposite sex or the same sex, says to me, “You throw like a girl,” I turn to them and answer proudly, “Thanks! Don’t you wish you did
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