Personal Network Enhancement : Personal And Professional Relationships

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Paraj Mathur BOS 315 Prof. A. Merryman Memo #2 Personal Network Enhancement Personal and professional relationships are the catalysts of growth and success. Thus, it is important to constantly cultivate and develop your network, building new relationships and strengthening old bonds. The first step towards building an effective network is to assess your existing network for its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. I found three major weaknesses in my network after conducting a thorough network self assessment - a very high percentage of inbred relations, lack of non-work interactions, and absence of relationships in the startup industry. To address these weaknesses in my current network, I developed and implemented a two week plan…show more content…
4). Thus I had discovered my first problem - a heavily in-bred network. As I further analyzed my network, I realized that while my networks encompassed relationships with people across a broad range of levels, it was limited by required interactions. In her notes, Ibarra (1996) articulates that ‘...managers whose network contacts extend beyond their required work-related interactions and immediate work groups or departments tend to be more powerful and mobile” (p. 2). Therefore, I was able to diagnose the second major problem with my network - lack of relationships beyond work interactions. In addition to these two problems another major gap in my network was the absence of a relevant task network. While I had dependable career related relationships for advice and mentorship, and an extensive social network, I had no relationships in the consulting and entrepreneurship industries which is my industry of choice for my career. Thus I was severely short handed in my search for jobs and internships opportunities. So I had to develop a plan to solve the three major issues with my network which would enable me to interact with people with different backgrounds and views, expand my relationships to those beyond work-related interactions, and help me develop relationships with people in the startup world. I developed a two
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