Personal Note : My Five Essential Values

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1. My five essential values are:
I. Respect: In Africa where I am originally from, and in South Korea where I spend my young adulthood, treating elders with respect is very important. For instance, there are special word or expressions used when talking with elders.
II. Kindness: Being kind to people around me makes me comfortable.
III. Helping others: I like assisting whose around me. This gives me an opportunity to give back what I receive from these who help me during tough situations.
IV. Friendliness: assist those around me if capable,
V. Open-minded: mm
2. Child abuse and neglect evoke may elicit strong reactions from me due to my childhood experiences of ill-treatment and neglect. I left my mother at the age of eight to live with my father and stepmother. My stepmother abused and neglected me in any way possible. Because of lack of policies to protect children in Africa, I had nowhere to go for help. I had no choice but to endure till I graduated from high school in 1994. Whenever I see or hear stories of child abuse and neglect, I become emotional as I recall all the hardships I went through during my youth.
3. I would most want to work with children. I want to help children in Zambia who are in a similar situation I went through as a child.
4. I would least want to work with the clients who wish to do abortions.
5. The reason I wished to become a social worker is because I wish to work with children, especially back home in Africa since the infrastructure is
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