Personal Note On Abortion - Original Writing

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At 15 years of age, I discovered that I was 5 ½ months pregnant. As a straight-A student in my school, a quiet and reserved kid, this didn’t just come as a shock to my family, but also my classmates and the entire faculty. My sister was the one that took me to the doctor to get my first check up, and though I begged her to not take me to our Family Physician, she didn’t know where else to take me. He himself is a Christian and as soon as he put the Doppler on my belly, he looked at me, with tears in his eyes, and said, “Well, whatchya gonna do, Momma? Even if abortion WAS an option, I wouldn’t let you do it!” He sat in the room with us for over an hour while we all cried, he offered resources if and when I wanted them, but he knew I had a lot to think about. When we left, he gave me a hug and told me that he loved me and God still loved me. His kindness and his words have never left me. That was just the beginning. After we left, the questions in my own head started to rain down on me! What WAS I going to do? I told my mom first and then had her tell my dad. Two days after I told them, my mom went to church while I decided I didn’t want to face the shame seeing people that I not only knew, but I babysat for and had become a part of their families. My dad didn’t go to church that Sunday as well for the same reasons. While I was getting ready with my sister to go to a different church, my dad yelled down the stairs at me and told me that I had some company. I…
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