Personal Note On Chinese New Year

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I was back home in China celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year with my parents for the first time in 5 years. Fireworks outside the window were so loud that I could feel the floor was shaking. My parents and I were sitting on the couch and stared at the TV screen. No one was talking. This Chinese New Year was different from what it was like when I was a kid. When I was still in Elementary school, I looked forward to Chinese New Year the most. There were so many cool things about Chinese New Year. My parents would be so busy that they forgot the fact that I had a huge load of homework to finish. I could have hours of free time to spend playing video games. My grandma would make tons of food that were beyond delicious. My parents…show more content…
Every year, Masters from all kinds of entertainment fields gathered up and offered their best performances to the audience. The magic show especially grabbed my interests as a kid. Afraid of missing any single movement the magician made, I would almost stick my nose against the TV screen, in hope to find out how the magician performed such a mind-blowing magic.
Since adults believed firing fireworks would bring good fortunes to the new year, the sky would be covered with fireworks during the night before Lunar New Year. My dad was a firm believer of such a superstition and enthusiastically joined the firework party every year. The day before Lunar New Year, my dad would take me on a trip looking for new fireworks. We always picked the biggest one we could find on the market. As the clock approached 12 pm, the firework party started. The silence of the night would be interrupted by the first sound of fireworks. Following the first sound of firework, thousands of fireworks shot up the sky and exploded into many colorful, beautiful patterns. My and I would also light up our firework to join the party. As a kid, the sight was as splendid as it could ever get. As the time approached 12 pm, the fireworks had only gotten louder than before. I stood up to get myself ready to light our fireworks. My dad looked at me curiously, and asked: “Where are you going?” Before I was about to tell him that I was getting myself ready to light our firework, I realized that we did not
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