Personal Note On Communication Skills

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My Communication skills As a first-year student at Trine, I have chosen to take a course called Interpersonal Communications. Interpersonal communication is defined as a transactional process involving participants who occupy different but overlapping environments and create meaning and relationships through the exchange of messages, many of which are affected by external, physiological and psychological noise. As a living species, I have learned to communicate with others. I will say that I have always looked at myself as being a good communicator. After reading the first couple chapters in the book, and completing the assignment “Communication Skills Inventory” I have realized that I could become a better communicator in different…show more content…
I would also do my own research because I would not want an incident like this to happen again so if it is a recurring thing, I would want to protect my friend. This shows that I am a caring person and open minded. I do not like to judge people because everyone comes from different backgrounds so it is not right for me to judge someone. In the situation, above, my listening skills would be key because I would need to pay attention in what my friend is describing to know the details of what happened.
One personal experience I have had with being a good communicator is one that I am sure is not seen every day or is rarely talked about if seen. I was the captain of my high school basketball team my junior and senior year. My senior year, one of my teammates tried to walk off the court after a tough loss before shaking hands. I was aware of my surroundings to see him and run over and talk him out of doing something as stupid as that. I made sure to approach him quickly and to be straight forward with him while also being calm and collected. I will say being calm and collected is very important when it comes to communicating under any sort of pressure. Lastly, another strength of mine is that I am an open-minded communicator. For example, when I showed up on move in day at Trine, I found out that I would be roommates with four Saudi Arabians. At first, I was not sure
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