Personal Note On Computer Games

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Part 1: Answer the following question - What is your favorite thing to do with a computer? Personally, I like to do a few things on a computer. My most favorite thing to do in a computer is to play a computer games. I choose to play games in a computer due to a few reasons, which are the graphics, availability and portability. Firstly, I choose to play games in my computer for its flawless graphics it displays on the screen, especially the recently released games. Personally, computer has the ability to process quite a delightful quality of graphics. What really fascinates me is that some gamers have expensive high performance computer that are able to process games with realistic graphics. Furthermore, I play games on the computer due to…show more content…
• RAM RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It’s a memory module in the computer which stores data temporarily in the RAM instead of in the hard drive. Ram is a type of volatile memory - without electricity, RAM is empty. A larger size of RAM enables the computer to run more program simultaneously instead of paging (The process of running the program from the hard drive to the Ram). RAM size affects in playing games. A game with large file size generally requires large amount of memory available in order to have a smooth gameplay. Without enough RAM, the Game Performance will be affected and can cause a drop in framerate or can crash the games. A decent RAM size required to run a smooth game is around 8GB, but to get the best result is around 16GB of memory. • Motherboard A motherboard is the main printed circuit board (PCB) found in general purpose microcomputers and other expandable systems. It holds and allow the interactions of many other computer components such as the CPU, RAM and others. With all these interactions, it allows the computer to integrate as one system to accomplish what it was meant to perform. In playing games, the motherboard allows all the crucial hardware in the computer, such as the video card, the CPU, sound card and others to work together to enable a smooth experience in playing games. • Hard Disk A hard drive or hard disc is a permanent storage device used to store and retrieve data in your computer. It has a few
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