Personal Note On Failure Of Failure

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My biggest worry that I think I can use for my essay is my worry of failure. Reasons, why I chose to write about failure for my essay, is that the thought of failure affects me to the point where my anxiety builds up extremely over a long period of time from either little things or big things that occur in my life what I usually do is bottle my emotions and thoughts and hide them. Focusing on others feelings and thoughts before my own wearing a fake smile constantly trying to keep others happy as much as I can. Little do they know behind that so called smile of mine is a dark, empty place where it’s just pain. Rather than talking to someone my pride takes over thinking I can manage it on my own and somehow being able to channel those emotions and bring myself back to normal. At other times I’m not able to manage to channel those emotions causing me to break down feeling I’ll never amount to anything in life in my life, that I’ll never succeed, the feeling all is lost, there is no hope left. While still going through this endeavor a thought/ idea comes on how I 'll get over this situation is to think about my goal in life and the amount of money and how comfortably I will be living once I complete the task I must accomplish by figuring it out what must I do and how to do it effectively no matter what the costs are. I think about one certain thing that fuels my hope is how comfortably my father lives has two new luxury performance cars, a house that is paid off and is not in
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