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Family Genogram Paper Genogram Overview My genogram contains three generations and includes the most important people in my family system. The genogram includes my grandparents on both my parent’s sides, my parents, their spouses, and siblings, and on the final row, my siblings and I. My family has been through a lot of experiences, good and bad, in our existence. Even though we are living in different areas of the country, our family bond has been unchanged. My grandparents all passed away by the time I was fourteen. My mother’s dad passed away when she was young and his wife, Irene, supported my mother when I was premature. My dad’s parents lived in Jasper, Indiana and we visited frequently before they passed. My “Poppop” always had stories to tell about my Dad, and serving in World War Two. I don’t remember my grandmother much as she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when I was ten. She died when I was seventeen, four years after my grandfather. My dad worked hard to be where he is today. Earning a Master’s degree and working for many years in the federal government allowed us to have a decent living and provide us with opportunities many other families may not have had. I have looked up to him as a role model throughout my life and vowed to earn a Master’s degree like him as a sign of respect for all he has done for me. My father’s sister, Nancy lives with her husband, John, in Spencer, Indiana. They have been pseudo-parents for me throughout my college
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