Personal Note On Grief Disorder

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Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify, said by great philosopher Thoreau, meaning people are too concerned about small things and less concerned about important things. Life is the name of unexpected events. People set goals, aims, or rules in their lives so, that they and their children can live a better life without any hurdles because most of the time the life would never go the same way as people planned. There are many people in your life but only few people have incredible impact on your life, that can change the way of your living or thinking. Life has been changed, when I lost my dearest friend and this lost has various effects on my emotion, thoughts and health. When people lost someone whom they love a lot the first effect on them is grief disorder. Grief disorder can be in various way, it 's can be emotionally, stressful or anxiety. Loss of dearest friend is something that no one can never ever forget. My friend was the only one who closed to me after my mother. She was everything for mine as loving sister, my secret keeper, my partner when I felt bad about anything, the one who always inspired me to do something that I wanted and promised me that she would be always with me when I need her most. Before her accident, we had an argument and we stopped visiting each other. Until one day, I received a call from her house that she had a car accident on the way of my house as she was coming to visit me. The news fell on me like a lightning

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