Personal Note On High School

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Imagine walking down the hallways of your high school in seventh grade. You are just trying to fit in and not get noticed and trying to get your routine down. Then try doing it without any real solid, concrete friends that will be there for you no matter what. Without friends now imagine what it would feel like sitting there with having several kids picking on you constantly making you feel worthless. Plus I am the type of person who holds all of comments and everything said to me within myself and not showing it on the outside. At first, it is easy to brush off the comments eventually it gets to a breaking point. Especially in seventh grade with trying to fit into the world it gets really difficult to this fragile, young kid. I was this kid who constantly got picked on and it changed my outlook on things and made me a more helpful person from my experience. The comments I had received to most people mean nothing and they could just brush them off unlike me. I mean when they keep coming for months upon months how can you just ignore them and fight against these hurtful comments? There was a couple that did the most damage mentally but they also influenced others making it easy to join in. They realized early on that I wouldn’t say anything back or do anything so they were free to say what they wanted without any penalty. It wore down on me so much that I would go home and go to my room and cry for hours upon hours. I probably went a month straight where I would just sit
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