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Avocational Areas Hobbies I have a wide array of hobbies that I enjoy doing which range from out doors activities such as surfing, swimming, hiking, and travel. I also enjoy doing techie related things with computers specifically although I do have an interest in robotics and I do continue to maintain my mechanical aptitude by working on small projects such as restoring my 49cc Vespa scooter. Of all activities I take part in traveling is the one thing, which I enjoy the most, for a couple of reasons. One, I enjoy experiencing other cultures and actually seeing places that most people I know never will. It is also a memorable activity that I can have with my wife because she enjoys it as much as I do. Languages have always been of interest to me, although I am not fluent in any. Between my travel hobby and general interest of learning a language, I possess a small amount of conversational vocabulary. These languages include Spanish, Korean, Arabic, and Russian. I do spend a considerable amount of my time reading. I typically prefer to read non-fiction on subjects that pertain to my interests, such as intelligence, history, and cyber. My favorite authors on these subjects are Christopher Andrew, who wrote for the presidents eyes only, Jeremy Scahill who wrote Blackwater and Dirty Wars, and Kevin Mitnik who wrote ghosts in the wires and the art of social engineering. As for my least favorite author, one that sticks out in my mind is John Keegan who wrote Intelligence in War.

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