Personal Note On Leadership And Leadership

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1.0 Introduction
All individual has some dreams and goals for his/her betterment, improvement or successful future. But, unfortunately, only having ideas and objectives is not sufficient. We need to take practical steps, make a change, and works to get them in a better way, and these measures and actions demand a different kind of knowledge, skills and talent to become successful. After my encounter with the module, I was able to make some personal change. This module has changed my views, even my philosophy of life being a leader and how to manage change.
2.0 Personal Change I wanted
I being a fresher with no clue to what business management is all about. My thought towards leadership and change was that, anybody who leads or lead a group
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The model has three distinct stages. The first phase is called endings. I had to let go of the way I waste my time on irrelevant things that have affected me in the past. For example during my MSc degree, I spent a lot of time that almost cost me meeting up with the deadline that would have affected my result. During this process, I experienced mixed emotions as I was very frustrated because I won 't be able to do things at my convenience time anymore. I went through real pain and gut-wrenching, mainly because I can 't do things at my convenience time anymore. Although, I was well prepared for managing the change as it 's for my betterment.
The second stage was stressful for me as I experience higher workload with my new system of working and living my life. I suffered low morale and low productivity on my assignment and things I do. Finally, the third stage, the new beginning. I was happy to embrace the change and building on the skills I needed to work successfully in a new way is my priority. I saw signs of high energy in things I do e.g. not getting stressed up at the end of day, I become more efficient at setting and achieving priorities and objectives and was able to learn more about my strengths and weakness.
Making this changes has benefited my life as it 's given me extra time to spend with my family, spend time on things I enjoyed, devote the hour of my education and work. I learned how to delegate, having a
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