Personal Note On Leadership And Management

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Theme 1 1. Leadership and Management

The Experience(s) After this lecture I could reanalyze my previous experience as buyer, where the company use to incentive each Procurement Professional to be a leader of their “Families”. As buyer I did not use just to buy, but lead all strategy about the purchase of that segment for whole company in the country, even I was not a manager. This was a great experience. Moreover, as part of the strategy, we had to interact to the leaders (internal clients) of another department to develop better strategies.
Your Feelings – emotional response to it
I feel, although we should not allow emotional to influence in our work, to use or manage well emotion it is part of a good leader’s skill.
When you are not
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Future Application? I intend to evaluate my own capacity as leader and manager in my next experience. Analyzing each point of strength and weakness for both leadership and management skill also how can I improve it, balance it and apply better these abilities. Pictorial image of session

Good Leader…Good Manager!

Theme 2 – Leadership Traits, Styles, Behaviours and Context

The Experience(s):
Leadership is a difficult discussion even nowadays, because there is not just one conclusion, but a combination and variations of that.
An important question about leadership if a Leader is born with this capacity or develop this and how is the process to reach that. As per Yukl (2006) for example attributes such personality, values and skill for a Leader, reinforcing the idea of “Natural Leaders”, or trait approach.
Also there is a vast of studies proposing to explain the qualities and characteristic of Leader and a good Leader in diverse sectors, but it is not conclusive, because the competencies of a Leader will be influenced by the environment in which the person is inserted. Ellemers et al. (2004) and Haslam (2004) defend the idea of the positive impact in the followers when the leader creates a mutual identity with your group.
Your Feelings – emotional response to it
I feel

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