Personal Note On Maple Hill Golf Club

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“Wack”!My golf club hit the ball.I went to Maple Hill golf course with my dad.There were lots of trees and it was the afternoon.My dad swung and got a really bad shot, because he hit a tree.He hit again, and this time it was good.I was happy I could go golfing with my dad.I thought that maybe I might beat my dad this time golfing. (Onomatopoeia lead) I loved to go out and do stuff with my dad, like golf.After a couple of strokes we got on the green. “Oh so close”My dad said. “Dangit i 'm only like one foot away from the hole”.I said. I putt and I made it in the hole.After that we went onto hole number two. “Nice hit”. my dad said. ”You too dad”. I said. “Man i 'm not doing real good today, that last hole…show more content…
After the last hole we went onto the next.I hit again and I almost got on the green.When I hit the ball it flew like a hawk.My dad hit and he was way off.There was no wind, and my dad already had one more hit than me, were we were on the course there were very little trees, and the sun was shinning bright on a late october day.And I was very happy.I hit and I made it on the green with the big flag sticking out.It took my dad two more strokes to get on the green.I hit and made it in the hole, of course my dad hit, what do you know he made it in.I was doing better, I was beating my dad, I was so exited. Then we went onto hole number five.I hit, it was good, my dad hit, it was bad.I went to my next hit and I landed right next to the green.My dad hit and got really close to my ball.I hit again but not hard enough, because I thought I would hit the ball to hard and it would go over.My dad hit and made it on the green.I hit and made it on the green to.I hit again and made it in the hole, and so did my dad. After that we went onto hole number six.We had to wait about 15 minutes for some people that were ahead of us to get onto the next course.It got really boring there sitting and waiting.We finaly got to go after the people left.After that, It was like all the the other holes were just like the last hole, hit, hit, and hit.All of that happend on
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