Personal Note On Medical Informatics

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Some of the attempts to make the information more reliable and trustworthy like HONCode [] have improved the situation, having a curated web portal for most common conditions would help improve the situation a lot. Some of the websites have features where the user has to provide the symptoms in a stepwise manner where the questions would be similar to the ones asked by the physicians. These websites also provide the patient with some vital pieces of information which otherwise might have been overlooked leading to more testing and time. Also, some of the diseases like diabetes where the care has to be more on the lines of being continuous rather than episodic,…show more content…
It’s also possible that the patient can misinterpret the information and lead the physician on a wild goose chase with questions[]. Disease Management Over half of the deaths in the world can be attirbuted to chronic diseases [] and cotribute to over 80% of the cost of healthcare in the United States. There is a lot of scope of cost savings and reduced mortality rates. With the use of internet the patient can be actively engaged in the process with greater information available to the patient, the patient can make better
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