Personal Note On Mystery Stories

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One day I was sitting on the front patio on my hammock gazing up at the alluring scenery when my granddaughter came out of the front door from our log cabin and asked “Can you tell me one of your absorbing mystery stories.” “Of course, I’d love too.” I always cherish telling my family all of my past mystery’s although my granddaughter is the only one that listens. She and I have a special bond about mystery stories, especially since I was a detective decades ago and now my granddaughter wants to become one. I decided to pick the most engaging and yet horrifying story. It all started when... I was in my office one day trying to figure out some fingerprints on broken glass when my boss Earl barged in and spoke in a delirious voice “I need you immediately” Right, then I cautiously and instantaneously swiveled up and out of my chair to see what Earl needed me for. As I was closing my office door, he swiftly turned around and said “We have had another attack.” I suddenly gasped and added “Oh no, this is just gruesome we have already lost six people and now seven. Who would do such a thing.” “That is what we are trying to find out. We desperately need to have a meeting over this.” My boss suggested. In a very apprehensive tone over the Intercom, I deliberately said “There is a staff meeting today in the conference room at three o 'clock I recommend everybody coming there is a very serious crime we need to discuss, thank you.” As soon as three o’ clock struck
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