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3. Pay Attention To Where You Put Your Attention

When you start to become aware of where you put your attention, you can start to change your life. Why? Because if your attention is on things that make you feel negative, and you become aware of that, then you can move it to things that help you stay positive.

For instance, if you are at a conference, and you are listening to a brilliant speaker talk about something you are very interested in, then your attention is on him and you feel good. But, if someone starts coughing right next to you and can 't stop, then your attention can be pulled towards them and off the speaker. You may start to get annoyed and upset, which will lead to thoughts about how much you spent on the conference and how much this person is ruining it! That can lead to a whole host of negative thoughts, and by the end of the conference you may feel absolutely horrible about everything that happened.

When you understand that where you put your attention has a big influence over your thoughts and attitude, you can become aware of when you are focusing on something that doesn 't deserve your attention and get it back onto something that does. This applies to all things in life, big and small.

4. Get Clear On Your Habits

Are you doing things that help you stay positive or keep you stuck in a negative frame of mind? It 's important to take a look at your life because your habits and routines can affect how you feel in a big way.

For instance, the

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