Personal Note On Personal Thinking Styles

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Personal Thinking Styles
According to the Life Styles Inventory Survey, my two styles that were scored highest were that I was Affiliative and Conventional. Being affiliative comes naturally to me. When someone brings up a scenario to me, I’m always fair and look outside the box. Even when it’s close friends asking for advice or venting, I do my best not to be biased just because of our relationship. I’m known to be blunt and to the point while trying not to sugar coat things. When two friends are in a fight I’m not the first one to start talking to get into someone’s business, but if they ask my opinion or if they can’t get it settled I’d step in. Being Conventional I’d say fits me to an extent. I don’t consider myself to be ordinary but
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Sometimes I may be in the middle of the task assigned to me and I’d get approval from a colleague or a manager before going further just in case I did something wrong so I don’t have to redo too much.
Impact on Management Style
My Avoidance style would definitely come into play when planning. If I were to plan out a project in my workplace, I’d want to make sure that everything is done correctly and avoid any sort of confrontation when assigning tasks. I’d assign task based on the employee’s strengths and not their weaknesses. By doing that I’d avoid any bad mouthing my staff and I’d get more productivity out of them.
When it comes to organizing, I’d have to say my Dependent style contributes to my organizing structure. It works in my favor since I scored low on being Dependent; I’m not one to rely on someone to complete tasks for me. If they’re deadlines that have to be set then I know what I have to do ahead of time and not procrastinate to hit that deadline in a timely fashion. Begin dependent on having someone get things done for you by a certain time can be bothersome because if they don’t get what you need by the time you need it then everyone loses in the end.
My Humanistic-Encouraging style would work great for leading. I’m not the type of guy to have my employee perform a task without any guidance. I’d be the one to teach them and show them how things should be done so they know how to do

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