Personal Note On Self Love And Confidence

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When I was younger I didn 't know too much about self love and what it really meant. For as long as I could remember I was always the heavier set girl with the gap. I was the funny girl, the friend to all the guys. I was raised by my dad and brother, now don 't get me wrong my mother was in my life but she missed my first homecoming , my first crush , even my first period. I did not realize until I was a little older how much not having a woman around would and could even affect me.Without her being there I didn’t know how to value myself. Now at 23 I am just starting to get a grasp on what self love and confidence is. I would say that I really started to struggle with self confidence when I got to high school. When I was in middle school, I had a blast, but once I entered high school everything changed. I went into it thinking these friendships would last forever. Boy, was I wrong. I thought these years turn those friendships I had into the sisters I never had. All it did was give me false ideas of self esteem and depression. I would go to school daily and walk down the hall with some of the prettiest, most popular girls and guys of each grade, wishing I was them. High school made me feel like because I wasn 't skinny with a perfect smile and the nicest clothes I wasn 't pretty. Guys would always go for my friends who were smaller than me , didn 't have a gap , or wild hair. While in high school I begin to develop insecurities about my weight and smile.I started to let
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