Personal Note On Sexual Violence

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Assignment Turnitin - Week 3



Assignment Turnitin - Week 3
Identify and briefly describe the two specific types of individual, couple, and/or family crisis situations you have selected.
In the assignment application, I have identified partner violence and lethality as the two types of crisis situations to discuss about. Partner violence may occur in three different forms. First, Physical violence which involves intentional use of physical force with the aim of causing harm, injury, disability or death. Physical violence may also involve activities such as biting, slapping, choking, punching, burning, using a weapon to inflict pain, shoving, throwing as well as using restrains on one body. Secondly, Sexual violence which generally refers to involuntary sexual act in which a person is physically compelled or coerced to engage against their will. This violence does no necessary require sexual intimacy and can occur between same sex couples and heterosexual couples (Baldry & Winkel, 2008). This may occur in three main ways: By use of excessive physical force to compel an individual to engage into a sexual act which is contrary to his or her will, forcible sexual act to a victim who is unable to resist or understand the nature of the situation in order communicate his /her unwillingness to engage in the sexual act and finally the abusive sexual contact (Garcia & McManimon, 2010). Thirdly,
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