Personal Note On Social Skills

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I try very hard to teach my children that social skills are very important in the world. You have to be able to communicate and speak your mind. Those who hide in the background and don’t say anything are the people that don’t get very far in real life situations. My oldest daughter has this down to a science in the fact that she deals with customers on a daily basis and has to be able to be people friendly at her job. My second daughter is all bundled up and shy and won’t speak out for the things that she thinks is right. This causes me and her to have conflict on a daily basis, especially through the things she deals with at school from the other students and teachers. My youngest daughter let me tell you about her she is not shy to tell…show more content…
Hopefully I have tried to keep the social skills to a professional level in the jobs that I have had. Social skills are very important all around the world; if you don’t have good social skills your professionalism could take a big hit for the rest of your working days. This is very important with the learning of the job, if you have bad posture, your arms are crossed, you’re not looking at the person talking to you, and these are not the social skills you want to put out there for everyone to see. Principles of good social skills can take you to the top of the ladder. You could make better money and have a better work environment. When social skills are learned they can be easily taught. If we had a social skills class to take I would make the world take it, so we could be better communicators and better listeners. This would make a big difference in the work place and the outside world. Would the world be war free if we knew better social skills? I think it would be a better place to live and a safer place for our kids to live. So why don’t we all learn social skills, and make our world the place we want to live in. Life is how you make it and if you have social skills then you can compete on any level you want to compete on. Make social skills somewhat a priority in your everyday living so that you are confident and know how to be polite and responsive to other people and their interest. Social skills are like M&M’s they make the world go round and round.
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