Personal Note On Spending Money

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Whenever my dad would give me money as gift, I would always smile and feel a sudden rush of happiness. As a child, I loved the sight of money, of fresh, crisp Benjamins and a little clear jar full to the brim with quarters. Saving money always gave me this inexplicable feeling of happiness and I absolutely hated spending money. I was never really that materialistic. I rarely spent my own money and the only “toys” I really wanted was nature, a few friends, and a computer. I was fortunate enough to get all of those. Eventually, I realized that spending money was inevitable-wasting money, however, was not. I like saving money-seeing the numbers climb higher and higher every time I log onto my US Bank account gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. Forcing my wallet closed because of the large amount of dollar bills in there also gives me a sense of satisfaction-unless they are $1 bills. Saving money, however, means nothing if the money is never spent. Spending money is equally beautiful as saving it, because there comes a sense of satisfaction from working hard and collecting money, then gaining something out of that money. During high school, I did everything I could to save money. Although I had more cash on me, I would opt for the cheap options that led to worse experiences than if I spent money on quality products. One of the most important things I learned was to not be greedy with money for school and living essentials, because quality would ultimately save time and
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