Personal Note On Staff On 2 Servers

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Minecraft Username: Txyber Age: 16 Previous Experience: I used to be staff on 2 servers, which we 're on the Technic Launcher. I was Moderator on the official servers of a mod-pack. The mod-pack is called The Crafting Dead, I was also admin on another Crafting Dead Server. I was admin on a mod-pack called Voltz, I was admin for about 2 years. I 've owned my own server with an old friend, called GalacticPvP. I 've owned a few random servers with friends, but they weren 't officially let out to public. Timezone and Country: Eastern Standard, US. My main language is English, but I am currently learning Spanish and French. Estimated Schedule: I start my classes at 8am EST, I am home-schooled so being active will be a lot easier for me. I have 4 classes, and each last 45 minutes. I usually get breaks in-between my class so I can check in with the server. School ends at 1pm EST for me, and from there I can play all the way till 11:30pm. I would say daily I can put in around 12 hours each day. I usually play daily on weekends, for long periods of time. My schedule can vary, that 's if anything pops up. Skills and Reasons: Being a staff member requires dedication and time, which I can offer if accepted. The road to a good server, is a good staff team. From being staff in the past, I feel as if I am a dedicated and educated staff member. I enjoy helping others to the best extent I can. I pay attention to whichever player needs help, and make sure I get both sides of the story.
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