Personal Note On Success And Success

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Everyone want to be successful, however everyone is different and has a different version of success. To be successful to me would mean, standing right with God, having no more worries and also seeing all my loved ones happy (God and family). Although throughout life there is pretty much a guarantee of obstacles to keep one from being successful. For example a job, having no money, negativity, getting off track, envying of others, no confidence or perseverance, this list could go on forever, however I have a few strategies to keep me successful and not stuck in devilish obstacles. One strategy to stay successful, is maintaining a proper balance in life, time management is key for my success. A second strategy is the having the right people surrounding me, there are some people that can drag me down and keep me from staying on track on my positive path to success. Another strategy is having perseverance and staying determined on my goals because my goals will lead me to my success.
For reaching success I need to realistically time manage my to do list, which means taking the time to write everything out that needs to be done and think how long all those things will take me. Writing things down and giving me a time limit helps me successful with work and school ant those two are key pieces for me to reach my goal. Having my time balanced for my to-do list at work allows me to successfully finish my duties that my boss leaves me. For examples I am a beauty advisor and if I
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