Personal Note On The Holiday Season

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Selling Your Handmade Candles and Wax Melts – What You Should Know

If you enjoy making handmade candles and wax melts, you may wish to try selling them. The holiday season is a perfect time to make your creations available to the public. Even if you are unable to get your business started during the holiday season, candles and wax melts are generally big sellers at any time of year. They make wonderful gifts, and they are also fabulous accessories for the home and office. Chances are good that if you love wax tarts and candles – and you derive pleasure from making them – others will appreciate the fruits of your labour, as well!

Don’t be afraid of setting up your own small business selling the craft products that you so enjoy producing. Once you get started, running such a business is not as overwhelming as you might suspect. As long as you stay organised, pay careful attention to your accounts, and adhere to the laws that apply to your business, you could soon experience more success than you ever thought possible. Before you do get started selling candles and wax melts, be sure that you understand the practical and legal implications that sellers need to know.

How Much Inventory Should You Have Available?

When you are just beginning as a seller, you probably should not have too much stock on hand. You will not likely know which items are popular (and therefore, worth keeping available at any given time) until your business is well underway. No matter how much you
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