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Value Yourself The sun was shining slightly through the thick fog, and as I walked out the front door I could distinctly smell the diesel fuels coming from the silver truck. While I waited on my little sister to finish her breakfast, I packed both of our backpacks and lunchboxes into the backseat of the truck. I hopped in the front seat and asked to play on Brian’s, our close family friend who took us to school, phone until my sister was done eating her breakfast. He always let me play Angry Birds before we left for school. As soon as I was about to defeat the big green pig with the fast yellow bird, my sister came and knocked on my side of the truck. Brian took the phone back and told me to help her get in. Finally, on our way to school, I noticed the leaves piling up everywhere, which showcased the growing number of naked trees. I closed my eyes falling steadily back to sleep, imagining what it would be like to not have school today. Feeling a slight nudge forward, I knew we have finally arrived to school. The school was the same as it was the day before. It was a small school with three classrooms, each holding a different set of grades. One held Pre-K through Kindergarten, the second held first through fourth grade, and the third held fifth through eighth graders. I had a very standard routine that I would do once I got to school. First, I would wipe my desk with a Clorox wipe, then I would organize my pencils and pens, and lastly I made sure I looked sharp. I wanted…

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