Personal Note On Writing And Writing

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Onomatopoeia, similes, personification; these are just a few writing techniques that I do not use when I write. Why? Most of the writing done by myself is boring essay’s I am forced to write in order to get a good grade. Though I received mostly A’s on my papers it was hard and annoying to write papers. In my history as a writer any subject, assignment, or just writing that I have done that I enjoyed was exciting and fun to write. When composing papers on subjects I am interested in, writing becomes more enjoyable. Growing up, fooling around with writing was something I did for fun and I would write about being in the MLB. I started off by sitting on my twin bed, daydreaming about what it would be like to be a professional baseball player. The Yankees were the team I always dreamed of playing for, pinstripes looked great on me. When I thought of situations I would be in I had to write it down, this led to the beginning of my story. I sat down at my black desk with a pen and a composition notebook and began the create my version of a masterpiece. It felt like steam was coming out of my head because of my thoughts and my hand was moving as fast as wind in a hurricane. Writing this story gave me a rush as if I was actually playing in this game. After finishing my thought, the experience made my writing as enjoyable as actually playing the game. Later, in elementary school, I would write love letters to the cute girls in class. The first love letter was to my third grade…

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