Personal Note On Writing And Writing

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Writing had always been one of my weaknesses, but when I took English 126 my goal was to develop my writing. During the semester I learned many things which had improved my writing. Throughout the semester, I had to write three papers which needed me to use different skills. Through writing the different types of paper and other activities I was able to acquire those skills. I learned to explain quotes, use correct MLA format, find and use proper sources, and present my writing more smoothly. Even though it still needs improvements, but I was undoubtedly able to learn the basics of all these skills for my writing. In the course of this semester, when I wrote the first draft of my first essay I used to just throw in a quote without explaining it correctly. I though the topic sentence was there to explain it. For example, I wrote the first quotes as, “Little Lamb, who made thee / Dost thou know who made thee”, and without clarifying what did the author meant or was thinking when he wrote the sentences, I continued in providing other details. When I had to write my final draft, I was given the advice to clarify and draw a connection to the thesis to point out the main focus of my essay. Essentially when I started to practice on this advice, it not only made my writing clear and understandable, but it also became easy to write. Writing a paper in MLA format wasn’t very hard for me, but when it came to in-text citation I used to do it incorrectly all the time. I have written…

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