Personal Nursing Philosophy

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Personal Philosophy Nursing and Application of Orem’s Theory to Practice A typical nursing philosophy includes the concepts of patient, environment, health and nursing. Likewise, examining theory is part of the doctoral prepared nurse’s journey into practice. In this preparation, theory plays an important role in guiding and exploring the advanced practice nurse’s role with respect to practice. The following paper will discuss a personal nursing philosophy, including if and how it has changed over the course of this class, an application of a theory to practice, and how that theory will be utilized in practice. Philosophy of Nursing As a nurse grows in her practice, it is expected her views and interpretations of her nursing…show more content…
Regardless of the setting, the health of the patient is the most important thing to keep in mind. Of the parts of the philosophy, I believe health is the most important piece. I believe health to be the patient’s well-being and include the physical, mental, and behavioral aspects of well-being. I believe it is most important because it cannot stand on its own. It is a part of the patient, environment, and the act of nursing cares for it. Without health, or lack of health, there would be no need for a nurse to do her work. Nursing would be absent from our lives. The nursing aspect of my philosophy is comprised of all these pieces of the philosophy and is the holistic care of the patient. It encompasses the environment in which care is given to the patient, different aspects of health and well-being and how to best maximize the patient’s level of functioning. This involves utilizing the nursing process of assessing, diagnosing, intervening and evaluating to best help the patient achieve their highest level of functioning. Theory of Practice The theory which will be most applicable to my advanced nursing practice is Dorothea Orem’s Theory of Self Care, also called, self-care deficit nursing theory (SCDNT) (Taylor, Geden, Isaramalai, & Wongvatunya, 2000). Orem describes the theory as having
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