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Personal Philosophy of Nursing When one thinks of a nurse they often think of a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable individual. They don’t often think that every nurse comes from different situation, past experiences, and life changing events that make nurses who he or she is. Everyone on this earth is unique and has something to contribute. The same goes for patients. Each patient has a different background and have different interests which make them who they are. In order to give the optimal care to the patients nurses must accommodate to the patient’s uniqueness.
Personal Philosophy of Nursing Every individual on this earth has different past experiences, come from different situations, have different interests and all believe in
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Definitions of the Concepts of the Nursing Metaparadigm
Person: The concept of a person is that everyone is unique in their own way. Humans are viewed as valuable and should be listened to, respected, taken care of, and allowed to make health care choices for themselves.
• Assumption 1: Individuals are unique due to past experiences, their culture, moral values, and personal interests. Often people with similarities will be attracted to each other.
• Assumption 2: Individuals enjoy talking about themselves and what they know and enjoy. If someone has new information about a topic they enjoy, they will most likely listen and remember that information given to them.
Environment: Environment is defined as landscape or geography in which an individual resides. Environment plays a big part of what makes an individual who they are. This concept may also affect a person’s psychological and physical health.
• Assumption 1: Geographic location where a person lives determines their interests and hobbies. An example of this if one lives by the beach they would more likely be interested in surfing and in boats rather than an individual who has never been to the beach.
• Assumption 2: Environment can also determine one’s health. If an individual lives on a farm they would most likely do more physical activity than an individual who lives in a city. The individual who lives on the farm would be outside more working rather than an individual living in a city where they
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