Personal Nursing Theory

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Why is it Important to Articulate Your Personal Philosophy of Nursing? Nurses often feel a conflict between the ideals of the profession and the reality of the job. Deheny (2001) writes “demands and expectations of the role are greater than the resources or number of hours in the day to accomplish what nurses would define as quality nursing care” (para. 1). Also, the use of advanced technology can create emotional withdrawal from the patient as the nurse focuses more on the machines than the person. These factors increase job dissatisfaction and emotional burnout. To articulate one’s personal philosophy requires examining the values and beliefs that define a person. Masters (2014) writes, “the overall purpose of personal philosophy is…show more content…
Whether the patient wants to discuss a tragedy in their life or their favorite television show, that conversation will be the most important thing I do during that shift. Giving of myself to others gives purpose and meaning to my job. What Theories of Nursing Have You Studied? Does Your Nursing Practice Follow Any Particular Theorist (s)? During my nursing education and nursing career, I have studied the major nursing theories. Some of them include Nightingale’s Environmental Theory, Watson’s Philosophy and Science of Caring, Orem’s Theory of Self-Care, and Erickson’s Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory. My nursing focus is on inpatient mental health. The theorist that is most relevant to my work is Jean Watson’s theory of caring. Watson (1998) states “Caring and healing by their very nature are concerned with wholeness. Wholeness by its very nature is concerned with interconnectedness and intersubjectivity” (Extended Science-Upward section, para. 1). Another theory frequently used in psychiatric nursing is Helen C Erickson’s Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory. Her theory states that each person has a unique perception of the world and the nurse must relate to the patient based on these unique perceptions (Sappington & Kelly, 1996). There are other nursing theories that integrate in my practice, but these two theories create the foundation of my nursing care. References Demerouti, E., Bakker, A. B., Nachreiner,
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