Personal Objectives Of A Portfolio

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As an investor looking toward retirement, my goals is to have a well-diversified portfolio. While $100,000 may be allocated solely to mutual funds in this scenario, in the future, I would hope to include some property as part of my overall portfolio. The goal is to seek mutual funds which are stable in nature, considered stable, and may have some risk involved. While risk is an adverse subject for some, I believe that taking on some or half of a risky portfolio and mixing the riskier funds with a portion of less risky funds, the portfolio would perform to my liking. From the beginning, I knew I was going to be selecting sector based funds, as it is easier to develop a thought process that’s based from instinct.
Personal Objectives

As a person that studies economics, I want to invest in funds that support companies that will potentially boost our economy. Additionally, the strategy I took on was based on trends and common knowledge. Technology is known to have longer-term effects on economic expansion, parallel, my mutual fund is set for 30 years. Therefore, I felt it important to support and investigate funds that were heavily weighted with technological company stocks, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Qualcomm, etc. Technology is the face of our future because as soon as you buy it something better always comes out the next day.
For my last focus, I wanted to focus on healthcare. With Obama care rolling out and modern medicine on an ever…
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