Personal Observation On Theory And Practice

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"Critical factors in the success and failure of projects: a personal observation on theory and practice in relation to the Dambek project" Introduction Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to conform to customer demands. From this definition, the main focal spot of this assignment is to meet the needs of Dambek in the terms of looking at the information offered to my group and coming after the scope of it. From what I gathered, it mainly reflects the performance specifications of the project deliverables. I remember presenting the project scope was a great advantage because my team was able to grow and understand Dambek 's prospects for their expansion and learning how to manage those…show more content…
The role I think I took on during the Dambek 's project was based on being people-oriented and being a Team Worker. Throughout the project, I was very co-operative with any decision made and very flexible with work required for me to research and the team meetings I had to attend even though I commute on the behalf of the group. Also by looking at the outlook for the project by being perceptive in what I am looking for with the work ethic, I already have shown by being determined and eager to complete tasks correctly. On the other hand, when the group has to decide on an important verdict I sometimes I crack under pressure because it can become over-whelming. (Belbin 's team roles 2009, Oxford University Press). My own individual judgment of my team (Group 10) is that we took advantage of the time obtainable to us in order to complete the project effectively through the resources used. The communication between the me and the team was very good through our Whatsapp Group Chat and the various team meetings taken place with the ability to work hard when needed and joke around as well, so it was a comfortable environment to work in because all of us to wanted to learn something new and form new friendships also. I did thoroughly enjoy working with this team because of our different personalities were well intertwined and it showed throughout the course of the Dambek 's plan. Successes One factor I believe helped us with
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