Personal Opinion Essay: Short and Long Length Literature and Example Novels

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If literary works were to be split into two categories based on length of work, I would propose that these categories could be works that take the average reader less than half an hour to read, referred to as shorter length literature, and more than half an hour to read, referred to as full length literature. If this claim is accepted, then I would believe that short stories, short drama pieces, and poetry would fit into the shorter length literature category, while the full length literature category holds longer drama pieces, novels, and novellas. Poetry is the only genre among these that, because so much of it is left up to interpretation, is difficult to define character development. The rest of these works, both short and full…show more content…
Maybe Mr. Adams, who talked to Old Man Warner, in “The Lottery” had opinions and feelings similar to the people he talks about from other villages. Readers will never know. Even with a surprise ending like Jackson’s story has, it is difficult to accept that every person in this town would feel comfortable or pressured into following through with the murder of an innocent person. Without the sense of doubt or sense of personal growth in any characters, the story does not really leave an impact on readers. On the other hand, characters like Greg, Kate, and Sylvia leave impacts on audiences because they all grow and develop in some way. Having these protagonists for the audience to latch on to and watch change makes full length literature more affective. Furthermore, the pace of a full length work allows the audience to really “get into” these characters that will change, develop, grow, and sink the audience in further. The typical pace of a full length piece of literature needs to be quick enough to hook in an audience sooner rather than later. In plays, it is easy to get this to happen with dialogue. The effective use of dialogue makes the story move much quicker than description of scenery. The audience’s introduction to the environment, the characters, and situations are almost entirely projected by dialogue. Some play writes choose to have long winded stage

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