Personal Opinion Regarding Education and High Taxes

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I was in fourth grade, and we used paper and pencil. Then we switched to the flip program. I liked it but now we have to raise taxes to keep it. We don't even need it! I Think we should get rid of flip, because if we kept flip we would have to raise the taxes, kids need to learn how to research with a book when they need it, they need to get used to using pencil and paper more than typing, and it will increase the chances of cyber bullying. Taxes these days are high enough, and raising the taxes even more will not help at all. The more the taxes we have to pay the slower the economy moves and the higher unemployment. Besides, our tax system grows too progressively already! If we raise the taxes even more it COULD cause fights over taxes being too high.Think about the people who barely have enough money to pay for their taxes already. Us raising it would make it worse.It could even effect you!“A democracy is three wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner.” Neil Boor. Think, you're on a computer and you are researching piranhas. It says piranhas can grow as big as a small car! Then you go tell a parent or friend who has had piranhas before. They say that’s wrong and what you used is not trustworthy (true story). You see websites might not be trustworthy or have what you are looking for, but on the other hand books are almost always right (unless outdated). So I should of used a book instead of the internet, but what if my teacher only taught how to research with the

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