Personal Philosophy : My Educational Philosophy

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When I first set out to write my educational philosophy, I had absolutely no idea what to write about, to be perfectly honest. So, I thought that I would start with the most essential aspect of an educational philosophy: why do I want to become a teacher? The reason why I want to teach is because I want to be able to impact young people’s lives and help them to learn how to become successful citizens in our world. I feel that it is important that no matter what students do with their lives, they are given a firm structure of practical life skills, so that they are set-up to be as successful and productive as possible. I strive to be able to help students learn how to become consumers who make responsible choices. This involves teaching the students how to build heathy relationships, make wise food choices, manage their money, and more. I feel that the purpose of education is to help students become as well-prepared as possible for what the real world is like, as well as assisting them to discover what career path they want to pursue so that they can achieve their personal goals. My role as an educator is to help students to develop crucial life skills and guide them to make choices that will benefit them in the future.

I do not have a preference of what type of students I want to teach, nor what type of school settings: urban, suburban or rural; affluent schools as well as low-income schools. I would really like to teach middle school students, because they are at a time…
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