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Personal Philosophy My nursing philosophy is helping people in terms of humanistic care, that I discovered it when I was a fourth year nursing student. From my philosophy, I desired to be a family and community health nurse. Since I became a nursing student, I never considered that I needed to have a nursing philosophy to navigate my career. I practiced in hospitals about three years, which I got both negative and positive experiences. In particular, I figured out that working in hospitals persuade me to be a robot. There are three reasons that I discovered that I should not work in the hospitals. Firstly, I spent all my working time to do merely routine jobs, without any creative activities or critical thinking. A large number of patients in my responsibilities and timetable controlled me. Secondly, when I saw patients pass away in front of me, I had no emotional response any longer. I felt that it is a normal phenomenon. Thirdly, it is worse when I imagine that I have to spend more than 50% of my life, holding crying people, ill people, and patients at the end stage of life. I ask myself repeatedly what I want to be. I found my answer that I want to be a nurse who cares people with humanistic care.
Metaparadigm of Nursing
My metaparadigm of nursing addresses four concepts: person, environment, health, and nursing. Concept definitions are as follows.
A person in my philosophy is a client because some people are healthy one that should not call them as…
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