Personal Philosophy Of Eating Healthy

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My philosophy of eating or on how people should eat , is people should eat healthy . Like buying fresh food , and or growing your own food. Not by eating fast food every day , i understand its really good but it isn't good for you. People need to think about your body and how it will affect you later on in life . Some people don't have the privilege to say what they want to eat , but you can flip that around and actually put suggestions to your parents on what you want . Choose things wisely , check on how it is grow and or processed , look at what's in the product . It’s really all depends on how you want to change about your eating habits.

People shouldn't eat junk food as in chips , cookies , fast food , greasy things in general . If you eat them all the time start limiting your amount of product you serve yourself a day. Like with chips stop eating the whole bag like some people , and only have a few a day . It sounds hard at first but once you start easing your way into it , you will get used to it . Go and see a nutritionist on your eating , and on what you buy for yourself .
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I have the chance to get the food that i want and what i want to eat . Portioning my foods , eating more vegetables , fruits and probably making shakes and smoothies . start working out more and taking protein before and after every workout . I also have to make sure what's in the product before i even buy it and think it will help. Always check what's in the product before you are buying and see if it's from factory farms or regular farms
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