Personal Philosophy Of Leadership

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Leaders strive for the best in their organization and work hard to become successful. My leadership philosophy may be different from others, however, it may be effective as others. Leadership can be learned and practiced. I consider if you practice with ethics in mind then there will be no issues with your followers or organization. Leaders that practice unethically are often viewed in a negative perspective and often ruin their careers. Great leaders are hard workers and assist in improving the organization. Some are natural leaders, however, it has been stated leaders are made.
My view of leadership consists of different types of leadership styles. It has been disclosed that leaders who possess the charismatic personality have the most effect
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They sacrifice their time and are responsible for their followers, I deem time and energy into an organization or followers as a sacrifice. Time and energy is something you cannot get back, it is precious. Some leaders think money can buy time and energy. That is not similar to putting time and energy into a project. People would notice the effort you have put into a project rather than paying some individual to complete it. My view is time, energy, and inputting your efforts into organization and followers is important as a leader.
I label myself as an introvert. Introverts are known to utilize their own ideas and thoughts, and do not need external stimulation. I would rather listen to others than involve myself into a deep conversation. Introverts would rather be alone to think and obtain information through reading. I understand that being a leader requires a lot of talking and being a people person. I am adaptable to a situation, if I am required to adapt to the “extravert world” then it would be my
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My assessment stated: Introvert (67%), Intuitive (50%), Thinking (25%), and Judging (22%). On my behalf, this is accurate. Heiss (2015) view of INTJ, “To complicate matters, INTJs are usually extremely private people, and can often be naturally impassive as well, which makes them easy to misread and misunderstand.” I see myself as a private person and do not often have small talks and it is often mistaken that I am egotistic. I don’t like to share my personal life with random individuals. Intuition focuses on the future and the possibilities. I see myself constantly thinking of the possibilities of what is possible when I receive my degree, in hopes of becoming successful. Thinking involves logic and analyzing, and I often have make sure I obtain the information before I make a decision. I am often told that I overanalyze a simple question or decision. I’d like to think, than use my feelings to make a decision. As for judging, I’d like to have plans in place and have structure. This personality assessment has provided me a perspective of my leadership styles with my personality and the possibilities of the type of career would serve me
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